Functional Behavioral Assessment Process

Ever wonder, “Why is he doing that?”

Do you want to better understand the function of a student’s behavior? Let CARE help!

BCBA CARE consultants will conduct or facilitate a team-based Functional Behavioral Assessment process. The goal of the FBA is to identify and operationally define the problem or target behavior. The team then develops a hypothesis for the function of the target behavior and determines whether the target behavior is a skill (can’t do) or performance (won’t do) deficit.

Team will also look at antecedents that may trigger the behavior as well as consequences that may serve to reinforce the behavior. The team will outline various strategies that have been tried with the student and then rate the level of effectiveness. The team will determine if through the FBA process enough information has been gathered to develop a Behavior Intervention Plan or whether there is a need for more data.


CARE’s approach to conducting FBA and BIPs is to facilitate a process that involves parents and other team members who interact with the student or client on a regular and ongoing basis to develop and implement a plan that contains preventative measures, teaching of functional equivalent and/or replacement skills and that uses reinforcement that is likely to increase the student or client’s use of the new skills being taught using evidenced-based practices in a very systematic and highly consistent manner.

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