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ABA Services Offered

  • CARE offers ABA services in your home, the community and in school settings. Some services such as caretaker training can also be provided via telehealth. 
  • Our trained professionals are available to handle all your needs from diagnosis to the development of an individualized treatment plan and delivery of therapy services. 
  • Diagnosed: If your child has already received a diagnosis of ASD call us today to begin the Intake Process.

In-Take Process

Step One:

Complete NEW CLIENT INFORMATION FORM on our website and then our Intake and Authorization Manager will reach out to you. You will be asked to provide your insurance information and submit any additional paperwork needed to complete the process.

Step Two:

We will determine if your insurance covers ABA therapy and if so, obtain an authorization from your carrier to conduct the initial assessment. If your insurance does not cover ABA, we will discuss other options available to you.

Step Three:

We will schedule an initial assessment with you and your child in order to develop an individualized treatment plan that details goals that you want us to work on with your child. We will submit the treatment plan to your insurance carrier for authorization.

Step Four:

You and your child will be assigned to a team of caring and well-trained professionals that will be composed of a BCBA and RBTs to carry out your child’s treatment plan. Your BCBA will work with you to establish a therapy schedule that will maximize your child’s opportunity to receive ABA therapy in order to optimize learning for your child. Once your schedule is in place, your child will begin to receive ABA services and you will be supported and involved in the therapy sessions through caregiving training opportunities.

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Not Diagnosed Yet?

If you believe your child may have Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD); however, has not yet been diagnosed we can help!

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